EcoTales: Queenie and Bod Biodiversity in Seeds for Bees

February 17, 2019

‘Queenie’, guardian of all the bees in all the lands & 'Bod Biodiversity', unveil their plan to remind humans about the importance of planting 'Seeds for Bees'!

As winter draws to a close, Queenie calls a meeting with her hive to share the wonderful news that Dr Fungi has helped find a way to protect the precious bee larvae. Queenie also calls upon her friend and habitat expert, Bod Biodiversity, who comes up with an ingenious plan to remind humans about just how vital flowers are for bees.

EcoTales: Teddy Tree, Professor Flora & Dr Fungi in the Whispering Forest

January 1, 2019

‘Professor Flora’ & 'Dr Fungi' put their collective medical knowledge into practice and with the help of 'Teddy Tree', they save the day.  

Word spreads through the forest that someone is hurt. Teddy Tree is on hand to alert Professor Flora and Dr Fungi and together they embark on a mission to find and help the injured party. By working together with the natural resources around them, they are able to help Jacob Rabbit and return him to a very relieved Mrs Rabbit.

EcoTales: Cycles & Willow Water in Water Magic

November 11, 2018

‘Cycles’ stumbles across an unexpected visitor in his garden in the shape of 'Willow Water'. 

Together, they set off on an adventure that takes them further than Cycles had ever imagined! He discovers the magical shape shifting powers of Willow Water, visits the highest mountain on earth and sees for himself the truly fascinating, and sometimes scary, power of nature. 

EcoTales: Kyra Knowledge and The Sacred Peach Palms

September 16, 2018

‘Kyra Knowledge’ teams up with 'Professor Flora' to help protect the Waorani people’s sacred Peach Palms from 'Gregor Greed'.  

Together, Kyra Knowledge and Professor Flora make a fascinating discovery that they hope will make Gregor Greed change his plans to destroy the Waorani’s home in the Amazon rainforest in his hunt for oil and desire to get rich quick.

EcoTales: Polly Plastic and the Plastic Picnic

July 17, 2018

Join 'Polly Plastic' as she escapes from Rock Laboratory on her first EcoTales adventure

Delve into the mind of the mischievous Polly Plastic and follow her latest escapade as she discovers just how damaging plastic packaging can be for Ozzy Ocean and his marine friends.

EcoTales: Etta Earth and the Juicy Strawberry

June 7, 2018

Join 'Etta Earth' as she discovers the perils of messing with Mother Nature

Follow Etta's adventures with Blue, Spike and Trixie as she tries to meet the growing demands of the people of Plumpton who just can't go without her delicious strawberries. She soon discovers that messing with Mother Nature has serious consequences!